Handmade toys

Ready to spend time with your child in a creative way? Draw ideas and inspiration from the KidsCraft app. Watch, learn, make and play following tutorials on creation of toys and craftwork by Tatyana Makurova. Beautiful and original toys, bright pictures, funny animation and simple tutorials.

Easy and useful

Your children will be able to make all items presented in the application themselves or with little help from grown-ups. The most amazing thing is that all of these items can be used and played with: build cities, float ships, drive along the tunnels, decorate your house, travel across your own map and much more.

Made with love

In the application, Tatyana Makurova shares her creative experience and inspires you for own experiments! KidsCraft will encourage children's creativity and help parents find ideas and inspiration.


For parents, tutors, nannies and children.
The app is available for iPad and iPad mini tablets.

"We worked hard on this project, we lived with it, and we are happy with the result. I hope users will feel our positive and creative spirit, and enjoy joint creative projects!"
— Tatyana Makurova.

Tatyana Makurova:

Tatyana Makurova is the author of books "Children's toys studio" and "Handmade soft toys for kids". She ran two columns in the children's magazine "Mamas&Papas", and wrote articles for "Lisa. My child" magazine. Tatyana has a blog where she writes about her works. Find lots of pictures, handmade toys and interesting items at tanush.livejournal.com.

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